Capacity Building

Help with things that build your skills or ability to do the things you want to do. It is likely that over time the NDIS will expect that support delivered through Capacity Building can show that they are actually helping you to improve your skills – and you may be asked about this at the time of your review. It is usually appropriate for a Capacity Building Support to provide you with a report on your progress that you can submit.

This support does not have to be delivered only by an allied health business.

As with other supports, in order to be listed on our site providers have had to prove they are either:

– NDIS registered and/or
– Hold a professional membership that requires them to meet standards and undergo professional development and/or
– or have shown The IndividualiTree that they meet the NDIS Commission requirements for unregistered providers and other professional obligations.

Please see the Local Providers Listing FAQ page for more details.