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This feature lets you browse through the available providers in the Northern Tablelands area of NSW, where The IndividualiTree is based. The Local Guide lists registered and unregistered providers. To be listed on our site, or recommended by our Support Coordinators, providers need to show they meet the standards required by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. We take the safety and the quality of the supports offered to our clients, and all people with disability seriously. You can read more on the Local Guide FAQ page!

Providers are listed as either Core, Capacity Building (anything starting with CB) and Capital. We’ve singled out Support Coordination and Plan Management (Intermediaries) because we think these are key to getting everything to work for you properly. Also included are mainstream and advocacy services that could be useful if your plan is inadequate, you are waiting on a plan, or have been refused access.

If you know of someone awesome who should be included, please ask them to get in touch!