what we believe

While Melisa was working in a variety of progressive disabilities services in Brisbane; there was much talk of a National Disability Insurance Scheme. A system that said ‘what do YOU want, how do we get there?’ – not ‘we offer X,Y & Z – which will you choose’. Now, the NDIS is here and the plan above is, in many cases, a whole world away from the system that has been in place for so long. In fact, for some people, the NDIS in itself adds to the challenges they face in their daily lives.

We believe in inclusion, good lives, respect, positive change, appreciation, independence, reciprocity, self advocacy and skill building for ALL people with a disability. Actually, we believe in those things for all of us. Disability has been a part of our lives since childhood and we know first hand that the above things are absolutely possible!

You are our boss. We might know some stuff about the NDIS, and we hope we have some advice to share that is useful, but; what you want to do is entirely up to you. We take extra care with things like your privacy and checking it’s OK to share stuff about you, because we know what it’s like to have a bunch of extra people in your personal space. We believe that workers are important and that you deserve to have people you choose in these roles. We make space for everyone to communicate what it is they need. Try us, we’ll listen.

The IndividualiTree is here to help you be in control. Please read more about the options and feel free to get in touch, our initial conversation is free – so you have nothing to lose!