invoice requirements

Below we have set out what we require from you to get your invoices paid in a timely manner.

Client Name: This is vital as we need to be able to differentiate and claim from the correct NDIS plan. We cannot process invoices in the name of family members or on invoices that don’t contain any name;

Invoice Date: This assists us to keep an eye on how often providers are invoicing to ensure that the NDIS plan is going to have sufficient funding available to pay for your services. The PRODA portal also requires dates for the claiming process;

Invoice Number: This assists everyone with an easy reconciliation process to ensure that all invoices are paid and up to date;

Service Provided: We don’t require the NDIS Price Guide line item, however we do require a brief description of the service provided to be able to claim from the correct funding available;

Providers Details:    Australian Tax law says that in most cases those claiming payment for a business must provide their current active ABN. The exceptions are if the provider is a charity with a tax exempt status (in which case this must be shown on the invoice) or if a supplier is legitimately providing a service as a hobby. In this case they must provide a signed statement by supplier. Residents of Norfolk Island also do not need to provide an ABN, however should supply their TFN on invoices. According to tax law we are expected to withhold 50% of payment to a provider who does not supply an ABN if required. 

NDIS Registration Number:  If a provider is registered with the NDIS and wants to charge the higher rate (TTP) for services please include the provider NDIS registration Number. Our system requires that we input this information and without it we cannot pay the higher rate;

Date Service Provided: This is a requirement for our claiming process from the NDIS portal, we require information for each day the service was provided;  

Hours Worked: This is a requirement for our claiming process from the NDIS portal, it also allows for easier checking with the Participant or their Nominee for correctness;

Bank Details: An Account Name, BSB and Account Number are crucial in order for you to be paid;

Provider Email: This is for us to be able to provide providers with a remittance advice.

The following are our terms and conditions


All invoices, reimbursements and quotes are to be sent to – we cannot guarantee payment if invoices are not received to this email address. A copy of the invoice also should be provided to the Participant or their Nominee. Australian Consumer Law requires that all services that cost over $75 must provide a receipt. Please do not send multiple copies of invoices unless we ask you to. 

We aim to have a 5 working day turn around from when the invoice is received to payment into your bank account, however due to the nature of the NDIS we can from time to time have some problems with the claiming process. We ask that if you or your providers haven’t received payment 2 weeks after submission that you let us know so we can address the issue. Sometimes a hold up with payment is because an invoice does not meet the guidelines above and if this is the case will will let you and your providers know. If an invoice has an error and needs to be corrected it will go back into the system and the 5 working day turnaround will start again. 

The NDIS is clear that plan managers must not pay above the NDIS Price Guide. We will request you reissue your invoice with the correct amount before we make the payment. There is nothing stopping you from arranging with your provider to pay any gap directly to them. The price guide can be found online at

Invoices that are claimed from the NDIS are usually GST Free with only a few products and services incurring GST. Please search the ATO website for more clarification. We understand that providers might usually add GST to their invoice, but this may not be appropriate when claiming from NDIS funds. It is up to providers to clarify this with the ATO.

Due to privacy principles we are unable to provide information about client budgets to their providers without expressed client permission. We are happy to openly share with Support Coordinators if a client would like us to do so. We do not usually openly share information with other providers, however we can confirm if a client has enough funding in their budgets to cover quotes for support if they have given us permission. This does not have to be a formal document, a simple email outlining how much funding your agreement with the participant involves is enough and we are happy to reply via return email.