expert advice

Our team has many years experience in the NDIS environment, and are expert plan managers and support coordinators. We are confident in our understanding of the NDIS, including a comprehensive understanding of the legislation surrounding it. We are flexible, professional and approachable – you are in charge, and we’re here to help you however you need us to. The Tree recognises that our clients are paying our bills and we respect you as the expert in your own life.

What we really bring to the table is how well we know the NDIS. We have been involved with the price guide since the beginning, assisted with countless reviews, have been involved in the tribunal process, and devote extensive time in keeping on top of changes within the NDIS, particularly those that affect participants.

That, and we are good eggs who will help you to know the NDIS just as well. We are proudly inclusive, everyone is welcome at The Tree.

Our expertise extends to understanding the NDIS really well as a small provider. We also offer professional mentoring and guidance for emerging NDIS small businesses. If you or someone you know is thinking of getting involved as an NDIS provider get in touch!

Contact us to organise a time for a consultation that works for you.