privacy & confidentiality

We take the confidentiality of your person information very seriously. This means we will never share any information about you with anyone else, including other providers, the NDIS or family, without your consent.

If you are comfortable and depending on what work we do for you, it may be appropriate to sign our general ‘yes you can share stuff with these people I’ve identified’ form. This might not be the best option for you and you might prefer us to check with you every time it seems appropriate to share your information. We are happy for you to share as much or as little of your plan with us that you think is reasonable. Keep in mind though, some work will require us to have access to most of your plan so we can help you get as much out of it as possible.

We will never share your identifying information, your contact details or talk about you to others unless you ask us to. We take your privacy seriously, as does the NDIS. That is why we, and all registered providers, have signed documents agreeing to have a privacy and confidentiality document in place. If you have particular concerns about privacy please let us know.

We use cloudbased software to manage our client records. All client records are stored on an Australian server and meet the guidelines of the Australian Privacy Principles, including the management health data. We take active steps to ensure only the people who need to have access to your information amongst our staff and those staff make sure they always access our system securely. We do not store anything on paper – but have a locked filing cabinet anyway!