Finding Workers

We are experts in helping people find the personal supports they need. The thing we are asked most to help people with is finding workers for personal care or community support. One of the things we LOVE about the NDIS is how it allows people with disability to truly design their own supports. Support staff that suit you as an individual are really important!

The Tree doesn’t employ support workers. One of our strengths is that we really hang out in the middle ground, so can connect you with supports without any kind of bias. What we CAN do – is help you work out the perfect scenario is for you.

You have the flexibility to:

  • Directly employ your staff (if you have a Self Managed or Plan Managed plan)
  • Use staff from a registered provider who directly employs support workers.
  • Use staff from a ‘labor hire’ kind of arrangement. These will all allow staff you recruit directly to be managed through their platform. Local ‘labor hire’ type businesses can be found in our local guide HERE.
  • Use staff from businesses not registered with the NDIS. As with the above options, these people must also abide by the rules of the NDIS Commission if they are paid from NDIS funds.
  • Use people who have their own sole trader business. These too must meet the commission rules, and may have other responsibilities under state and federal law.

By using your Support Coordination, Core Supports or CB Daily Living budgets we can work with you to help you with all kinds of worker related tasks. Including:

  • Direct Recruiting: We can help you with writing and managing job ads, taking applications, shortlisting, interviewing, clearance checks and other related tasks
  • Facilitating staff meetings
  • Assistance with staff management software
  • Coaching to staff management skills

You can pick and choose exactly what help from us you need and ask us for a quote. If you’re happy with that, we can get started on helping you out asap.