FAQ: plan management (clients)

Below are our answers to the most common questions we hear. This is not a complete list! We pride ourselves on being solution focussed, which means we will work hard to get to what you need. We understand the NDIS and it’s legal requirements very well and are experienced in assisting clients through reviews, appeals and the AAT. We love being Plan Managers and we’re proud to not be the ‘no police’.!

How long does it take for The IndividualiTree to pay invoices or reimburse me?

Our Plan Management Team aims to have all correct invoices lodged, claimed and paid to the appropriate person/business within 5 business days. Unfortunately only part of that process is within our control, and so we ask for understanding from other providers and request that you don’t enquire after payment until 2 weeks have passed. We make every effort to reimburse clients as soon as possible after receipts are submitted.

Please enquire through planmanagement@theindividualitree.com first in relation to invoices. If our friendly plan management team can’t solve your problem for you, they can get a manager to help. It is also possible to speak directly with our director if you feel your problem is not being dealt with. Please see our complaint procedure for more information, details are under the get in touch tab.

But I’ve heard some providers say it took ages for them to be paid by a Plan Manager?

Some Plan Managers pay on longer cycles than us, some are overwhelmed and some are just not that great. There have been times when we have not paid as quickly as we would have liked and are regularly improving how we do things when you tell us we’re not doing a great job. There are other times though, when invoices don’t get paid because there is something wrong with them or something wrong with your plan.

One of the big advantages in having a Plan Manager is that we are your extra pair of eyes to make sure your invoices are accurate.

Sometimes it can take months for providers to get their invoices right so we can pay them! Another advantage is that we can help you to deal with the NDIA if there are issues with your plan. In most cases we will just help with simple things for no additional charge – if you need more intensive help – we can do that too. It is not uncommon for a plan to be set up in such a way that prevents us from claiming. If there are issues of this kind with your plan we will always keep you informed.

So, what needs to be on an invoice then?

Our invoice requirements page gives a good summary of how to get your invoice paid, or be reimbursed. It’s not us being fussy, the ATO and the NDIS and just plain old buying and selling things has rules – and Plan Managers need to make sure paperwork is good. Mostly this is to protect you, the client and show the NDIS enough info to justify your claim.

Can I meet with you? Do I get a human to help me?

If you are in the Armidale area of NSW we are happy to meet up with you and can travel to some extent. If you are too far away for a face to face meeting we can still chat via a platform such as Skype, Zoom etc. We get a set up fee from each plan and allocate some of this funding to a chat with you so you can fill us in on your providers and any other info we need. We use the remainder to check in with you every 3 months and help you with questions you might have about your purchases.

Will you reimburse me (the NDIS participant) if I buy things upfront?

Yes! We encourage you to get the best value for money you can, often that is through mainstream suppliers. Your receipt will have to meet the invoice requirements.

Will you stop me buying something I think is necessary from my plan?

No. We know the NDIS law pretty well and can’t see anything where it says ‘Plan Managers get to decide what people can have’. We think it’s up to you. If something could be seen as dodgy, we will chat with you about that, but final say? Totally up to you!

*we strongly advise you to not do anything the NDIS would view as fraud

Will you help me keep track of the spending of my plan?

Yes. For most people the simplest solution is for them to download the Careview Advantage phone app from either Google Play or the Appstore. Let us know you’re good to go, and Bree from the office will connect you to our system. We also understand that some people prefer not to use technology, for a variety of reasons, or need different technology to what the app provides. We will communicate with you using the strategy of your preference and will happily send you monthly updates by email or post, give access to this information to someone else you nominate or share it with your Coordinator of Support.

What’s so good about this app?

It lets you see your plan spending and balances as we process them. It lets you track how you are going over time, alerts you to when you are getting close to plan review time, alerts you if funds are getting low. Gives you a visual idea of where your spending is up to. Allows you to share access to this information with others, such as family or your Coordinator of Support. You can access a copy of an invoice at any time and it is possible for you to approve payment before we process. Please let us know if you would like to access this feature.

Can you help me find other providers? 

Plan Managers are generally not funded to help with this. We think that’s a shame. If you do want help though, The Tree can absolutely do that!

Along with Plan Management we are experienced Support Coordinators and though not everyone gets a budget for a CoS, but we are happy to help you with this task as well as all kinds of other things, using funding from your core supports or CB Daily Living budgets.

You tell us how many hours help you think you need, we can connect you to someone from our Support Coordination team to get things rolling for you!

Tell me more about these ‘all kinds of other things’? 

Our Support Coordinators are trained, experienced and savvy. We work from a strong values base and believe wholeheartedly in your right to get all your disability related needs met through your NDIS plan. We can skill you up to advocate for yourself and help you with questions around the NDIS to best prepare you for engaging with the NDIS.

If you live in the Armidale area of NSW we will happily meet with you face to face. We also work with many people in very remote communities using Skype or something similar. Because we are also Plan Managers we REALLY get what is possible with the NDIS. Our Support Coordinators have excellent community connections, know about providers, can suggest alternatives if your regular options are no longer available, can help you create options if you have none …. the list goes on.

We have oodles of experience with appealing plans, working with people who have very complicated stuff going on and even experience with the AAT. We know our stuff.