self management capacity building

If you are self managing your plan, but need a bit of help, it is possible to use part of your core funding for “Self Management Capacity Building”. The NDIS fact sheet about capacity building can be found HERE. We’re also happy to chat if you are not currently self managing, but think you would like to in the future.

You can engage us to work with you to get your head around the new, slightly scary, looks a bit complicated, but exciting and probably filled with opportunity NDIS thing. We can help with:

  • Finding providers
  • Making your plan give you better value for money
  • Thinking creatively and exploring your options
  • Circles of Support, Microboards or facilitating meetings
  • Finding Staff
  • Employing Staff (including helping you manage your payroll)
  • Training Staff
  • Creating documents and other items to manage your supports
  • Future planning

Though not able to be taken from NDIS funds, we can also help with:

  • advocacy
  • review preparation
  • the appeals process
  • pre-planning prior to your NDIS planning meeting.

Our current hourly rate for this is $65 per hour.

If you have Plan Management or Support Coordination in your plan, don’t forget to check out how we can help there too.

Self Management Superheroes? Absolutely!