For Support Coordinators

We love working as Plan Managers for other Support Coordinators. We understand your role, because it’s the only other thing we do. We want things to work just as much as you do. We won’t poach your clients. Promise! We genuinely believe that SC is best delivered by someone who also lives in your area.

We focus on our local area – but also specialise in helping people in very complex situations, or who are in remote locations. If that’s not your business then we don’t offer service to your clients anyway. It’s you we work with best.

Because we get you, we offer a few really helpful things. Mostly because we use the Careview platform, but also because …. we get you! You can get access to a smartphone app dashboard that shows your clients budgets in real time, with access to invoices. Clients can approve invoices if they would like to. There is also the option to add Support Coordinator email addresses to any email updates clients receive.

Obviously, we need permission from our mutual client to share all this with you. When we learn a client has a Support Coordinator that is not us, we follow up with them to get permission to share things with you. If they do so we will help you orientate yourself on the Careview app and be available to support you and your client.

As Plan Managers we are particularly keen to build relationships with independent Support Coordinators. If you think we could work together, get in touch – details are on the contact page.