Plan Management

We have a good few years experience in understanding the NDIS and offer only ‘in the middle’ services that help you connect to support. This means we don’t have any bias when we talk with you about your options for supports.

We think the NDIS is still developing,  and while we know there rules, here at The IndividualiTree we care mostly about people. This means we’ll do all we can to get to ‘yes’ for the things you want to fund out of your NDIS plan. We are a small boutique service who prioritise working with you as an individual. Our size means we can offer you a level of service that larger organisations simply can’t provide. We work with participants throughout NSW and more recently in South Australia.

If you don’t have Plan Management in your plan, have a chat with your LAC or Planner. Having a Plan Managed plan means you can choose any business to help you, not just ones registered with the NDIS. This can mean you save money (meaning your plan goes further), maybe not have to wait as long and sometimes get better service. The NDIS rules state that anyone requesting Plan Management in their plan cannot be reasonably refused. You might have to wait until your next plan, but the flexibility of Plan Management can be yours too!

Understanding Your Budgets

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So; you’ve got this plan thing, or even – the next plan thing – and the whole thing looks like it’s been written by aliens. We know, we think so too!

We’ve been working with the NDIS for around 2 years now, and have a pretty good grasp on the budgets and just how flexible or not they can be. All our Plan Managed clients get a 1:1  support meeting at the start of a new plan to help you get an idea of what your budgets can be used for. If you’re local to the beautiful Armidale area too we can have a chat face to face. If you’re one of our awesome not local clients, we can skype, phone, messenger, facetime, email …… whatever suits you.

Many people need more support than a single meeting. If this is you, we can help – using funding from your Core Budget. We can help you to source supports and work out where supports might fit best within your plan. We can help you find and manage staff, find and deal with  your services, work out creative solutions to meeting your disability related needs. If you want to fund something and you’re not sure it’s OK, we can help you there too. No such thing as a silly question!

Document Storage

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As Plan Managers it is our legal responsibility to store invoices or receipts and any other documents relevant to the financial management of your NDIS plan. These are kept in secure online storage, and give you access.

If you Self Manage, the legal responsibility for keeping track of these documents belongs to you. This is one reason some people who have tried Self Managing choose to go to Plan Management in future plans. Auditing by the NDIS is possible and using us as Plan Manager means you are covered if an audit occurs. Many people are brilliant at keeping track of admin, some people (Melisa included!) would prefer not to have to be!

Cassie and the AHMAZING PM Team,  however, are Plan Management legends 🙂

Invoicing and Payment

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Plan Management is really only funded to receive invoices from providers, or receipts from you, and use your NDIS funds to pay them. Our sign up process lets us gather the info we need to make using the funds in your plan as easy as possible for you. Once sign up is complete, you can sit back and relax.

You can see your paid invoices online and receive alerts when new invoices are paid. We check each invoice fits with what you have told us, and if so make sure your providers are paid. We reckon businesses need to be taken care of too, so make sure that payments are made as promptly as possible.

If you want a bit more support than just basic financial processing, our wonderful team are happy to help, using funding from your core supports. If you’re lucky enough, you may even have a few extra hours of Plan Management support in your plan! If you do need a bit more help, consider asking your LAC/Planner to add some ‘Plan and Financial Capacity Building’ hours to your next plan.   

Payment Requests

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Ah, the portal. Evidence of alien intervention again I reckon. 😀

We work with lots of participants who, for a wide range of reasons, prefer to keep their use of technology to a minimum. Some choose to not participate online at all. For these people, if they need the flexibility of using non-registered providers, the only option is to Plan Manage. We also work with others would just. rather. not. go. there. with the portal, with keeping records, with storing invoices, with understanding all the details of the price guide. This, in our view, is totally understandable ……

We’re used to it by now. We know how much is able to be requested under certain categories, what is and isn’t fundable and how to make the portal behave. Beyond this we have a network of other experienced Plan Management providers available to bounce ideas off. This is great if you’re hoping to fund something innovative and want to understand if it’s possible.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say we love the portal, but, we can at least make it so you don’t have to go there much …. you can use all that time you save on something far more interesting!