plan management

We have been NDIS Plan Managers for almost 4 years and are registered providers with the NDIS Commission. We do a lot of work encouraging our clients to stand up for themselves if their needs are not being met. We think the NDIS is still being built, and we do lots of work cheering people on while they think creatively about what is possible with their plans. We are also expert Coordinators of Support, so if you want to know more about the NDIS in order to make your case for a better plan, we can help there too.

Here at The IndividualiTree we care mostly about people, specifically the people with disability we work for and their families and supporters. We respect your right to make decisions, and though we might sometimes talk with you about certain purchases to make sure you understand your choices, we will never refuse to pay something you consider to be a necessary support.

We are a small, family owned service who prioritise working with you as an individual and have people we love who use the NDIS. For us, making the NDIS work is personal. Our size means we can offer you a level of service that larger organisations simply can’t provide. We work with participants across Australia (excepting WA) and specialise in helping people in remote and rural areas along with those who need a creative plan manager who respects them as boss.

If you don’t have Plan Management in your plan, have a chat with your LAC or Support Coordinator. Having a Plan Managed plan means you can choose any business to help you, not just ones registered with the NDIS. Plan Management can give you more bargaining power, try a wide variety of options but still get some help with the paperwork. The NDIS rules state that anyone requesting Plan Management in their plan cannot be reasonably refused. You might have to wait until your next plan, but the flexibility of Plan Management can be yours too!

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