Micro business

The IndividualiTree has registration to provide services under Innovative Community Participation. One of the projects The IndividualiTree has heaps of experience in is working with people with disability and their supporters to set up small businesses that allow PWD to participate in their local communities as business owners.

An added bonus is that Melisa, the founder of The IndividualiTree is also the owner of Little Bee Web Design, a small, local web development studio. I have owned or managed a number of small businesses, and can help with most aspects of small business development. I have also worked extensively with PWD, with all manner of support needs, to set up their own or engage with local small businesses. I can help with:

  • Support Circle work (good for families to help make a plan sustainable)
  • Business set up
  • Business planning
  • Website development
  • Social Media training and management
  • Graphic design
  • Community outreach
  • Staff training
  • other business related capacity building.

While some of the items above may not be able to be paid for from your NDIS package, most have sections that can be funded through the NDIA. Our first, exciting project is underway. Check out the magnificent ‘Holler 4 Hannah’ by clicking the image below.

Link to the Holler 4 Hannah website