The IndividualiTree


The IndividualiTree is the Northern Tablelands only 100% independent provider of Intermediary Services. The stuff that helps you get the most out of your plan, and to find the things you need. The Tree offers:

Not the “no police” Plan Management: 

As Plan Managers, we’re here to help people access the funding in their plans and to help providers to get paid. PM is paid a set fee only, which gives you access to basic financial management of your plan. Our plan management team strive to deal with your invoices promptly and make things as straight forward for you as possible.

Experienced, local, available and delightful Coordinators of Support: 

We have a team of CoS, all with professional backgrounds, and/or extensive experience working in the disability sector. Some of our CoS also have lived experience, either as a person with disability or as a family member of someone with disability. We take a creative approach to CoS work, and really encourage you to think outside the box too. We totally understand the social model of disability, consult with people with disability regularly and reckon all our clients should have access to high quality, responsive services whatever their needs. We are also champions of inclusion, real inclusion – not that tokenistic stuff.

CoS without a CoS budget: 

Many people don’t have a Coordination of Support budget in their plans. We think everyone should have a bit of CoS, but at the moment the NDIA does not agree. Doesn’t matter, we can help you anyway. If you have a Plan Managed plan, we can be paid from either your Core or Capacity Building budgets to help you with CoS style support. At the moment if you have an agency managed plan, we can only help you if you have an Improved Daily Living Budget. Get yourselves plan managed people, then you can choose anyone you like to help with your plan!



Disability Intermediaries Australia

NDIS Registered

This category is for providers who are currently registered with the NDIS. In some cases providers are registered for some groups, but also offer services to plan and self managed participants for other groups. Please check this with the provider if you have an agency managed plan.

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