Chef/Cooking Support – Armidale


It has been left here as an example of the kind of roles we are seeking people for. Keep in touch!

A number of participants are looking for someone with chef or cooking skills to assist them to either learn to cook more interesting meals for themselves, or to prep meals so they can maintain their independence. Between 3 participants, the role is currently around 10 hrs per week and there is a real possibility of an increase in hours over time.

The ideal candidate would have a sound understanding of food safety practices, an ability to adapt recipes and food ideas to suit specific needs and a genuine love of food. You will have patience with people while they are learning, flexibility, be accepting of difference and be reliable and able to commit to the role for a reasonable period of time. You will be able to work with people who might find relating to others challenging at times and be understanding and yet encouraging of people to expand their horizons.

You will also need an ABN, police check and be prepared to sign a simple contact with each participant.