Melisa Menzel

I am the founder of the IndividualiTree. I am an Armidale local, the sibling of a person with a disability and have worked or studied in the disability sector for over 15 years. I have worked with some pioneering disability service organisations, and ordinary people with a disability and their supporters doing some truly amazing things. Much of this work was with organisations around self-directed or self-managed funding packages. If you want to learn more about my experience, my linked in profile is HERE:

I hold a deep respect for each person with disability and their individual paths. I will work with you to either bring your existing ideas into reality, or to help you work through what the best path may be. I have expertise in future planning, community collaboration and relationship building, along with all facets of organisational management (particularly in the not-for-profit and community services sectors), staff management and training, group facilitation and conflict resolution. The IndividualiTree has a focus on mentoring and supporting people with a disability and their families to custom design their own services, along the spectrum from nurturing natural supports to employing and managing support workers.

I know first hand the challenges faced by people with a disability and their families, and am here to work along side you to help create solutions. Please read through the other pages on my site for more information – and don’t be afraid to get in touch!

Non-identifying picture of myself and my two young sons

* many thanks to the divine Ms Leanda from for the beautiful photo. The woman is a legend. Look her up!